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Application to Foster for Mutts Matter Rescue

Thank you for choosing MMR to foster a rescue dog. This is an application to foster for Mutts Matter. Foster homes temporarily shelter and care for our rescues in their homes until such time MMR locates a suitable adopter and deems the rescue ready for adoption. Because our dogs can come from stressful or abusive situations, it is imperative to find a suitable foster to ensure that the appropriate temporary care and environment are provided. We also need to know what level of foster/rescue activities each home is prepared to offer.

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Do you have a fenced-in yard or other secure exercise area for the dog? Please Explain
Rescue dogs are often insecure and can be escape artists-mostly out of fear. Please describe the area and security provisions:

Do you have/use a crate?
Do you have a suitable area to isolate new arrivals?
What level of fostering are you prepared to offer?
Will or can you do the following: (check all that apply) Do home visits of prospective adopters for your foster? 
Be available to visit shelters
Pick up new arrivals for vet checks
Will you be able to participate at times in adoption-day type events to get your foster exposure to potential applicants?

Disclaimer: Please read the following carefully before submitting:

Mutts Matter Rescue is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization whose members donate their time, expertise, and money to help dogs enter into permanent, loving homes. The foster program is a vital, central part of our work. Foster owners receive dogs in all conditions, from barely recognizable strays in need of rehabilitation to finely-groomed champions who have lost their homes for a variety of reasons. Some dogs are sad, scared, physically and emotionally scarred. Some have been abused. Some have given up. As a foster, you can help show them love, kindness, and teach them how to trust again. You give the wary pets an opportunity to relax and get over their insecurity, in some cases nurturing them back to robust health and polite behavior patterns. When a suitable home is found, you cheerfully part with the dog you inevitably have bonded with. It isnít always easy, but the reward of seeing happy dogs and new owners is always worth it.

During foster care the dog is owned by MMR Inc. All veterinary care and movement of the foster is under the control of MMR. Foster owners are not asked to fund vet costs. MMR foster dogs are seen by one of our vets, and we must be notified prior to any visits. Care and a supplies allowance is available if needed.

Applicants, by hitting submit, you allow MMR to confirm the validity of the information provided herein, including contacting listed veterinarians.

Applicants also understand that a satisfactory in-house visit is part of the foster application process. Finally, applicants understand and agree that MMR reserves the right to refuse any applicant and agree to hold harmless MMR officers and members if their application for fostering is refused. 

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