Adoption Application

Application to Adoption for Mutts Matter Rescue

Thank you for your interest in a Mutts Matter Rescue Dog.  We promote adoptions that are in the best interest of both the dog and potential adopter. The information we request is detailed in order to make sure we are matching you up with the dog that is best suited for you &/or your family. MMR does not adopt dogs on a first come first serve basis.  All applications will be screened by MMR to determine the most suitable match for both you and the animal.

First Name:
Last Name:
State, Zip Code:   
Phone (Home): 
Phone (Cell): 
Email Address: 
Do you Own or Rent your home?
If renting, does lease allow dogs?
Fenced yard?
Home Location:
Type of Home:
How many hours a day will your dog be left alone?
Where will your dog be kept while you are not home?
How many weeks a year are you away from home on business or vacation?
Will your dog ever be left outside unattended when you are not home?
What will you do with your dog if you have to move?
What size dog will appeal to you most when it's fully grown?
Please check all that apply... I would considering giving my dog back to MMR: if my work schedule changes dramatically and I no longer have sufficient time for the dog
if I have children in the future and no longer have sufficient time for the dog because of the demands of parenting
if other changed circumstances prohibit me from having sufficient time with the dog
if someone in the household becomes allergic
if I become ill and can no longer take care of the dog
if I lose my job
if i divorce or separate from my spouse/partner
if my new significant other does not like the dog
if dogs sheds excessively
if the dog is not housebroken
if the dog is or becomes aggressive
Have you ever owned a dog/cat/other pet? (do not include family pets from childhood)
Was your pet spayed or neutered?
Will you permit a home visit by a MMR representative?

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