Adopting your new best friend, and why you should choose rescue

"Why on earth would anyone want to adopt a rescue dog? After all, aren't they like used cars? Who wants someone else's problems? If the dog is so wonderful, why would anyone give him away? If he was a stray, why didn't someone try to find him? I'd rather buy a puppy so I know what I'm getting, and besides they're so cute!" ...Rescue groups often hear a variation of this conversation. Many prospective dog owners are just not convinced that owning an older (i.e, 6 mo.+)"pre-owned" dog is better than buying a puppy. But there are a number of reasons why adopting a pet from a rescue that carefully screens and evaluates its dogs can provide an even better alternative. Here are a few reasons.


  Loving pets of all sizes and shapes are waiting in the hopes of finding a forever home. When you adopt a rescue, you free up a foster home to take in another dog in need. You save a life. In addition, not purchasing a dog and choosing a rescue instead, shows you don't support backyard breeders or puppymills.

  Rescues can make wonderful, life-long companions if only given the chance. People often think rescues only take in the dogs who have health or behavioral problems. This is simply not true. Rescues are filled with dogs who would like nothing more than a chance at a happy life, and their own family to share it with.

  Mutts Matter Rescue takes in all types of dogs: mixed breeds, purebreds, big and small dogs ... Our rescues are fully vetted and healthy, ready for their new homes. We have a lot of different dogs to choose from. 

  You save money. Rescuing a dog is far less expensive than those you would find at a pet store or a breeder. And make no mistake, there are lots of purebreds in rescues and shelters, if that is what you're looking for! Our dogs are vet-checked, vaccinated, and spay/neuter surgery is usually included as part of the adoption fee. You also get literature on caring for new your pet, plus support and guidance from our wonderful volunteers.

  Rescue dogs make wonderful companions. Some have never had a home, others were abandoned or surrendered by their previous owners. Some are the victims of divorce, illness, allergies, a new baby, inexperienced owners, a move that didn't include them, and many other reasons. But most rescue dogs are loving animals who are grateful to have a second chance at a happy life. They can and do bond with their new owners, and become the most devoted and loving of family dogs.

  When you choose a rescue dog, you have saved a life and do your part in combating pet overpopulation. A sad fact of life is that there are far too many homeless pets than there are loving homes to care for them. When you adopt from a rescue, you save a life and free up a foster home to take in another dog waiting at a shelter. Your adoption fee goes towards the care of our our dogs. All of this, and you gain a loving companion too!

Remember, rescue groups donít always get the beautiful, well-behaved animals. We get the ones who are victims of over breeding, neglect, abandonment, & abuse. They come from the streets, from filthy pens, from lives lived in crates. Most of them havenít had proper veterinary care until they come to us. Theyíre scared, depressed, anxious, angry, & sick. Many of them have given up on themselves, on people, & on life itself. But as rescue, we don't give up. We believe that all animals are wonderful creatures with feelings, capable of giving back much more love than you could ever imagine. They just need a little time -- time to heal & time to trust again. So please, adopt a rescued animal to save its life & to uplift your own life. A rescued animal will reward you with more love than you could ever imagine. A rescued animal will make you a better person. Adopting a rescued animal will probably end up being one of the best things youíve ever done for yourself!


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